News Kerala is one of the leading newspapers among kerala's newspapers. We started our journey since 1993 by starting an edition at Kozhikode,which is one of the keynote cities among kerala, later built an edition at Central city of kerala, Trivandrum. Now we have two successful editions which is being printed and published daily evenings among Kozhikode and Trivandrum. 

Our news paper is affiliated to the public relation department of kerala hence we are connected verily about Kerala's affairs.

We ensure our gratitude to the society by accomplishing  not only the news or affairs but also in the fulfilment of developments of society especially in business level by advertising various aspects of entrepreneurs, for that News Kerala proudly publishes magazine named 'Business lane' which had played a vital role in the empowerment of socio economic statistics of the society.

As a part of fillnes of presence in modern era we have started our online edition too so that we reached out of whole districts of Kerala and also among few gulf countries too.

Mr Mohammed Nizar ( Nizar Olavanna ) is our Editor, printer and publisher who ensured his services to society especially through media, where media is the only tool which can be used against the injustice and unsecularism in the public from government.

We specialy give concern to democratic values such as equality in all aspects of peoples like religion, thought, freedom of information etc in our publishing newses.

We also publishes poems, stories, articles of well konwn writers,poets etc. Articles based on political,sports, entertainments etc also provide more hikes at reader's to enjoy their feelings.

As a news paper we understand that it's the only media or tool against injustice to the public. Media one of the important way to express our criticism, supportive aspects against and towards government by securing all such responsibilities we move forward with peoples especially the ordinary peoples. 

We secure all fundamental duties and rights of public to avail our duty. We give equal consideration to all of our belongings with equal right of expression of thought.